Merton Sings Funny Piano Chat Improv to ReelSEO – Interview in Song with Merton – Viral video star Merton, known for his viral YouTube videos where he sings freestyle improv piano on Chatroulette, sings with’s own Jeremy Scott about what it takes to be Merton. As Jeremy puts it, the only way to interview someone who sings songs in live video chats, is to sing songs while you interview. So, this exclusive interview with ReelSEO is conducted, completely in song. We ask Merton about his favorite YouTube videos, how he creates, edits, and produces his videos, and what we can all expect next from Merton and his piano chat improv. Here are some links to our favorite parts: Merton sings about his favorite YouTube videos – 1:05 Merton sings about how much work each of his videos takes to complete – 2:24 Merton sings about Ben Folds uploading his own Merton-style videos – 4:36 Merton talks a bit more about the Ben Folds experience – 6:04 Merton sings about what he’s got planned in the near future – 7:04 Merton sings about the equipment he uses to make his videos – 9:21 Merton sings about what he does to help market his videos online – 10:32 Merton sings a bit of a U2 song by request – 11:35

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08 2012

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