Looking for an SEO program to monitor my websites?

Question by Burton G: Looking for an SEO program to monitor my websites?
looking for a piece of software (free or purchase) to analyze and report on about 100 company web sites. (we have a number of individual programs that do these items, but its tedious doing all the work of entering domain names and getting reports)

software would:

1. most important, would allow us to enter domain names to be analyzed in a list, and then get reports on some frequency, such as bi weekly or monthly. would be nice if it emailed reports all in one package, or even individually, and or held them for us to vide and/or print
2. keyword rankings in specified search engines
3. Missing titles, desc. metatags, keywords, alt tags
4. text relevancy between text on page and desc metatags and keywords and title
5. report on broken links
6. #links, outgoing, internal, and backlinks if possible (or as shown by google)
7. page rank
8. if possible, a “score” for the site. this would likely just be indicative of the optimization and visibility for the site, but would help isolate issues and/or sites needing work.
9. indexed page count on google

Any advice on a program would be greatly appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by Metapilot
WebCEO will accomplish these things for you (except for the pagerank report) . There may be other programs that will, as well, but I know for a fact that WebCEO is a serious workhorse for serious SEO professionals. Here at Metapilot, we’ve owned a license for their professional version for years and use it on almost a daily basis. Schedule automatic keyword ranking reports, SEO reports and executive summary, reports on broken links and indexed pages–all on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis on an unlimited number of domains. The reports can be emailed in html, .mht, .xls, csv formats, viewed online , and/or viewed directly via the software itself. It does a lot more, too.

If you’d prefer not to spend the money and you can have a third party 🙂 run the reports for you and brand them with your company name and logo so it looks like they were all done in-house.

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