Local SEO Is the Small Business Silver Bullet

If you do one thing to promote your small business website, make it Local SEO. It is one very powerful online asset that can boost your company’s online presence. Once you get your local SEO profile set up, you have to care for it, nurture it, manage it. Local SEO is not a set it and forget it proposition. Small businesses that hire a professional SEO service to manage their local SEO generally see an excellent ROI. SEO resellers who offer local SEO to their clients find that it’s a “gateway” product. Essentially, clients who sign up for the SEO reseller’s local SEO service quickly see the value of SEO and are inspired to sign up for additional SEO reseller services. The SEO reseller who offers a full menu of web marketing services, such as PPC, social media and email marketing, can upsell those services to the local SEO client. SEO resellers who join the HubShout SEO reseller program have no shortage of web marketing services to offer their prospects and clients. Any web marketing service that a client requests can be handled by HubShout’s SEO reseller program. This webinar is part of HubShout’s white label SEO reseller sales training series.

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