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Facebook.com An Awesome Global Marketing Platform – FREE Our promotional value for Celebrity Members, businesses and sponsors is extremely viral. We retweet all blog posts, articles and news, using extreme SEO algorythms and a myriad of high profile wordpress blogs, YouTube, and countless every day SEO behind the scenes stuff, performed by an army of robots and human contractors. The idea is simple. Help any celebrity, business or sponsor, to be more successful, while providing our regular members valuable community services, like movie reviews, news, games, radio from around the world, music sharing, video sharing, groups, and more. For all our Members, JingleSPOT is a powerful marketing tool, posts made there get viral internet wide , worldwide exposure…. FREE! You do not need to be a perfomer to enjoy this benefit, or to enjoy the many entertaining features of our unique community. In the end, the core point of the site… to help people like yourself promote and become successful. To share you and your talents, hopes and dreams with the world, in the same venue as well known artists and celebrities. Very soon our celebrity contacts will be coming on board, so things will get busier. For example, one JV partner is very close to most of Hawaii’s top entertainers. With his help, we plan to have all of Hawaii’s entertainment online this year. And likewise similar for Las Vegas, and Miami entertainers. Check it out Here: JingleSPOT.com Learn about social bookmarking
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