It’s A Sin – Pet Shop Boys – Sydney Graphic Design – AnIcon Design is a Sydney Graphic Design and Website Development company based in Sydney. Good graphic design is an integral part of the work we do at AnIcon Design. We are a Graphic Design and Multimedia company specialising in good design across all types of media, including print and the web. We are highly motivated graphic designers with a passion for design and visual communications. We can design your business card, letterheads, brochures, magazine, posters, CD cover etc., and design and develop your website. We understand how important your brand is to your business and we are committed to giving it an edge in what is a very competitive market place. Below is the process in which AnIcon Design suggests that you should consider when developing a website URL: The first thing to do is to pick a URL; A URL with “.com” extension is best as it’s more international. If you can find a URL that you like but that isn’t already taken, ie However you don’t really want something like as it would be too long and difficult for people to remember. Inspiration: To get inspiration have a look at your competitors by typing search terms such as “your industry and city/country” etc., into Google’s “search” “images” and “video” pages. Be inspired by, but never copy. Logos: You will need to have a logo, “your image” something that represents you and what you do. Logos should be simple and something
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