I have a great idea for a commercial. How do I propose it to the company?

Question by applgrrl1: I have a great idea for a commercial. How do I propose it to the company?
I have an idea for a commercial for a huge, world-wide company. How do I go about proposing it to them? How do I make sure they can’t just take my idea without my permission? I have no idea where to start with this… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Jim L
There is really no practical way to do this. You could write a script for a commercial, date it and then put a “Copyright 2010 Your Name” on the script. You don’t have to register it with the US Patent and Trademark office, unless the company tried to use the exact script without permission.

It is highly unlikely they will use your idea, one in a million. That is nothing against your idea, it may be fantastic. But they pay an ad agency millions of dollars to come up with commercials based on their precise marketing plan and target market they are aiming at. Also, many promotional campaigns are carefully planned to fit together, where magazine ads supplement TV which supports radio and so forth. Unless you have spent hours researching their marketing plan, it is unlikely that your ad will send the message they are looking for.

If you still want to try, call the company’s main number or go to their web site and ask who their ad agency is. Then call the ad agency to find out who their head account executive is for that account. Then talk to that person and pitch your idea to him or her.

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