How to Turbo-Boost Your Facebook Page With Apps

Have you considered enhancing your Facebook page with a Facebook app? Are you wondering which ones are great and how to add them to your page? Well, look no further. In this episode of Social Media Examiner TV, Mari Smith shares her favorite Facebook apps and explains what they can do for your business. Be sure to share your feedback and see the show notes below. httpv:// Watch to the video to find out: How to automate your blog updates to your Facebook page What apps can help you build your Facebook community Here are a few more things you’ll learn about Facebook apps: Using Video and Chat Apps Mari suggests a few Facebook apps that improve engagement and connect with your audience using chat and video. Find out how Vpype helps you connect with your audience with live video Have a look at’s Live Justin video app and add a tab to your business page Use Clobby to set up a chat lobby on your business page to stimulate conversation with your fans Connect Foursquare to Your Business Page Mari goes through the steps you need to connect Foursquare to your business page: Claim your business on Foursquare to make sure Foursquare knows you own your business Add your app to your fan page to install a Foursquare widget on your business page Choose the Right Facebook Apps for Your Promotions Mari reviews the latest Facebook rules for contests, sweepstakes and drawings. You’ll want to listen to this to make sure you understand these rules

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