How to Promote website to get more indeed Rank ?

Question by jackie: How to Promote website to get more indeed Rank ?
I want to promote company website to get more traffic to it? It’s a china electronics wholesale website,and it focus the markert on all over the word,So i want to konw how to promote it ?
SEO?PPC? B2B? I need a further guide! PR value is so low and how to enhance it ?
Pls help me to analyze what’s status about,and how to do next step to promote its traffic or PR value? TKS
Very thankful, My good friends.
Cheap Electronics Wholesale
I will try this way to do it .

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Answer by Florist
you should try organic SEO for long term results and PPC for short term results and social networking. If you are interesting, I am an SEO with 5 experience and my rates are affordable.

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