How to know if a SEO company is reputable?

Question by Mary S: How to know if a SEO company is reputable?
What’s the easiest way to know and understand what a ethical SEO company is?
Is there a website with good references?

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Answer by Ben
I would want to know how they select keywords to target

– you want terms that have decent traffic, low levels of competition and are relevant to your website – if they are not working this out in a systematic way for you then you could be wasting a lot of time trying to get traffic from hard to get or low valuble keywords. If they do not know how to select keywords properly I would give them a miss.

If you want to know how to do seo go to stompernet and get their STSE2 product for a dollar – do not buy anything else (be careful once you have entered your credit card details if you click to buy anything you buy it straight away – no are you sure questions or more info) and then cancel the subscriptions – watch the content and see how to do SEO from this once you understand how its done you can adquatly assess wether a SEO company know what it is doing.

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