How to get a web page for my small business?

Question by Edmond_Dantes: How to get a web page for my small business?
I want to publish my small business in the web. It should be able to get orders of my products and get online payments (credit cards, paypal, etc). I know there are companies that do this but I guess they are expensive. Can I do it myself? If not, do you know a low cost web design company?

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Answer by Kevin k
You can do it yourself if you learn how to do it. There are several books on the subject of web page design. Consult your public library to see what they have. If you find a book that is really helpful, you might want to buy a copy of it. There are several people and companies out there that create/maintain web pages, if you want to spend the money to have it done professionally.

Accepting credit cards and Pay-pal need to be set up with those institutions. They may even provide the software you need to process the orders. Talk to your bank or the Small Business Administration for pointers.

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