How much to charge for web seo +marketing?

Question by alfredomentor: How much to charge for web seo +marketing?
how Much to charge fort seo and manage blog, creat slide show on site n promote this clothing line, they just trust me so much that want me to get % on all the online sales as wel wih marketing, in the midtime because they just start creating the company we only charg them $ 300/month for what we have done my wife n I..please. help

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Answer by Jonas Underwood
It depends on the seo services you’re offering. Go to and Odesk and click on the SEO marketing links to see what others are charging for work and do a comparison. I did some outsourcing seo services for promotional products company and charged a bit more than what you’re charging, but we were offering full seo services.

I included the links and I hope this helps.

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