How I can get more traffic on my website?

Question by Gopala Ju: How I can get more traffic on my website?
I want to know from where I can get more traffic on my website? I want traffic esp from US & Canada. I am ready to pay for per click.

So tell me then name of genuine site.

Advance thanks 🙂

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Answer by #1 Internet Advertising Agency
There are many different ways to get high quality targeted traffic but the most cost-effective one is by far search engine optimization.

The search engine optimization techniques are so important because the best kind of website traffic by far is going to be search engine traffic.

This type of traffic is traffic who is highly targeted and because of that not only are they going to be interested in reading what you have to say but they are also going to be more interested in buying whatever you have to offer.

We have a huge database of SEO articles, proven small business marketing strategies at:

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