HiTech Sales, Stock and Accounts Manager Software for Accounting, Inventory

Sales, Stock and Accounts Management Program is a very powerful tool for Invoicing, Inventory Control, Sales and Purchase Control and Accounting. With its powerful features it is ready to meet requirements of all types of business and trading houses specially the business houses with their large product and customer base. HiTech SSAM will streamline your business accounting in such a way that through improved management you will see the profitability of your business grow. The design of HiTech SSAM (Sales, Stock and Accounts Manager) is modular. The data from various modules flows in Accounts module and all your final reports are produced at a touch of a button. This modular program keeps detailed information about the Supplier, customer and accounts you deal with. Apart from the preparing and printing the vouchers HiTech Financial Accounting keeps your accounts uptodate without any effort. Numerous reports are available for viewing and printing where you can keep an eye on the vital indicators about your business. Being Window based HiTech Financial Accounting is in tune with the latest computer software technology and will be a long time companion to your profitable business.HiTech Web Portal Websites: www.HiTech-on-Web.com ** www.Accounts-on-Web.com ** www.e-trading.bz ** www.AccountingSoftware.bz ** www.OnlineAccounting.bz ** www.WebsiteDesign.bz ** www.SoftwareDevelopment.bz ** www.BusinessSoftware.tv ** www.BusinessAccounting.in ** www.FreeAccounting.in ** www
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