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The latest Google News from Weboptimiser… According to the Wall Street Journal, Google are looking to hire several developers to build mobile apps. This comes just a day or two since I have launched my first app, imacontacts which you can get from Its currently a desktop app that I plan to make available on the Android platform very shortly. Apples App Store offers more than 350000 apps, whilst Google developers revealed last October that the Android Market contained just 100000. Yet despite this apparent shortfall, no pun intended Android has now become the leading smartphone platform worldwide. So it seems that Google is about to do something about it. Most of the 20 actual Google Apps out there are basically mobile versions of Google desktop applications. Most recently on Jan 26th Google launched a weather app. Android even have their own channel over at Youtube, its address is For vodafone complaints – If you are watching this on Youtube, why not share, this video, leave a comment or subscribe. You see apps don’t just work on phones, like my app, they work on desktops and tablets too. Google has been making a big show of the Android 3.0, Honeycomb operating system designed from the ground up for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. So if you are looking to hire app developers give me a call and visit us over at For more Google News please subscribe to our YouTubechannel. If you would
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