Google Changes The SEO Game A look at how Google Places, Shopping Results and Brand Name Results are changing the face of SEO and what it means for anyone who uses “organic listings” to get free traffic from Google. From the original blog post… “Have you noticed a drop in Google organic SEO traffic for any “local” search phrases, for example, “holiday cottage cornwall”? Most likely, if you run any sites that got traffic from “local” search, you have. It’s been a while since Google rolled out their new “Google Places” listings based on Google Maps locations in the search engine results (it was tested in Aug 2010 and rolled out in Oct 2010). At the time it caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth for anyone doing SEO on the 20% of daily searches that Google says have a “local component” because the Google Places listings jumped in ahead of the organic seo results accompanied by a huge map with pinpoints for local businesses that Google thought you may be interest in visiting, meaning a number one Google organic listing suddenly fell to roughly position five or six.”
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