Does it pay to have an outside company do SEO?

Question by WMDMMA: Does it pay to have an outside company do SEO?
I have an internet based T-shirt business and it’s been kind of slow. I’ve been approached by a local company that specializes in SEO and was wondering if anyone has any experience and results dealing with one of these types of businesses? The cost is $ 129/mo.

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Answer by Randy
It really depends on a few things. Obviously it pays to have marketing for your site. Any commercially successful business will tell you that. But if you can learn it and do it yourself then you save all that money.
How popular do you want your site to be? How big is your budget? How much free time do you have to get involved with it your self and do it?
If you have the money to spend then yes Id hire someone to do it as long as you research their company and feel comfortable with them. But if you don’t have much money, then I would learn to do it your self. There are plenty of free resources out on the net that will teach you what you need to learn the basics of SEO. It really isn’t all that hard. Ive been doing SEO professionally for over 3 years.
Below are some websites that should help you.

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