Do I need a marketing consultant to launch my new business?

Question by : Do I need a marketing consultant to launch my new business?
I am creating a new web-based business and I have no experience in launching it. Before I hire any SEO (search Engine Optimization) experts, PR-persons, should I get someone with experience draft out a strategy? It will cost more money but I want to do it the right way…. I am just a start-up with limited funds.
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Answer by Mark A Stafford
Hi Catherine,

Here is the best step by step method to launch a new website. If you don’t have a Gmail email account setup, please do that first.

1. Perform keyword research with the free Google keyword tool

You want to find 3 to 5 long tail keywords that your clients would use to find you.

2. Build your website. I recommend using word-press which is free and provided by most major hosting companies.

3. Build your website and make sure you have a page targeting each long tail keyword and internal links to your other pages.

4. Create a facebook fan page and a twitter account both based on your Company name.

5. Create some decent content like articles or an eBook or videos with links back to your website.

6. Write and publish a press release article on your Company or product. This will give you some good SEO juice as well. Make sure you use a paid press release site over the free ones. Cost is around $ 120 per release but well worth it.

7. Put out as much content as you can and become the expert in your field.

Following this guideline will get you going pretty good in 30 to 60 days after your site is up.


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