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How do I know which site that promise to help you market your website is good?

Question by : How do I know which site that promise to help you market your website is good?
I have a website to sell my products and I tried to sign up for optimization of the site but all I received are expensive offers that look like those people who sell self help books. I am confused.

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Answer by Chuckie
I can lead you to some free resources. I just finished my Masters Degree in Internet Marketing at Full Sail University. It really depends on your store and what you want to accomplish. What are your goals? How are your online sales now?

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06 2012

80-Hour Financial Modeling Training Program

80-Hour Financial Modeling Training Program
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Image by Global Game Jam


Investment Banking and Private Equity Training

Corporate, University, General, and Individual Programs

Locations in New York City, Sao Paulo, London, Dubai, and Tokyo

For more information, please visit our website at:


We provide on-site and on-line financial training; for working professionals,
students, and people in career transition with a special interest in the field
of investment banking, private equity, or corporate finance. Our on-line courses
offer the same exact content provided in our classes held at our physical locations
around the world. For more information, on how to register for any of our courses,
including our flagship 80-hour training program, please call the location nearest


We offer a wide selection of investment and financial training designed for
Associate Level (Post-MBA) and Analyst Level (Pre-MBA) professionals and candidates
in the field of private equity, mezzanine finance, venture capital, and hedge
fund investing; in addition to investment banking and corporate finance. Depending
on the level of professional experience, time commitment, and financial resources
of each and every individual, we provide various alternatives for individuals
interested in participating in one or more, of our preparatory courses (basic,
intermediate, and advanced). Our training programs are offered at different
intervals throughout the academic and calendar year. These classes are taught
by some of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and respected professionals
in the investment community, who lend their personal time to teaching others
the art and science behind principal investing, while helping them achieve
their maximum career potential. To provide a real sense of the complexity and
depth of our training program, a graduate level (MBA), or college level (Bachelor’s)
course, is equivalent to nearly 100 hours of lecture time if enrolled in a
3.0 credit course at an accredited college or university (3 hours per class
x 2 meetings per week x 16 weeks per semester = 96 hours in total). As a result,
we firmly believe that anything less than 80 hours of live classroom participation
is simply a waste of time, money, and energy; which is the reason why we offer
the longest and most sophisticated training program available today on Wall
Street, covering all aspects of the investment process from beginning to end;
including deal sourcing and fund raising, financial modeling and valuation
analysis, in addition to portfolio management and asset monetization. As an
example, we try to emphasize that when it comes to making an informed investment
decision, we do not merely provide our students with a so called spreadsheet
“template” or “shell” in order to conduct their financial analysis, but rather,
we perform all financial analysis by building our financial models entirely
from scratch; by utilizing the most relevant lookup, financial, statistical,
reference, and mathematical functions in MS Excel (50 different commands in
total). In this respect, most experts would agree that, it is imperative for
the student of finance to have ample time to learn, process, and apply this
newly acquired knowledge and information, before ever aiming to become a successful
professional, or even a fund manager. Below we have provided a selected list
of topics covered in our classes, but for more information, we encourage everyone
to visit our website:

Course Curriculum: | Class


¦ Income Statement, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet (Historical & Projected Figures)

¦ Sources & Uses of Funds (Pro-Forma Adjustments, Internal and External Financing)

¦ Debt Analysis (Senior Debt, Subordinated Debt, Mezzanine Debt and Convertible

¦ Equity Analysis (Preferred Equity, Convertible Preferred Equity, Common Stock

¦ Cash Flow Sweep Analysis (Scheduled & Non-Scheduled Capital & Funding Obligations)

¦ Working Capital & Non-Capex Related Investments (Current & Non-Current Accounts)

¦ Capex Investments and D&A Schedule (Tangible & Intangible Book/Tax Capitalization)

¦ Debt Pricing Matrix (IRR Optimization for Convertible and Non-Convertible

¦ Equity Pricing Matrix (IRR Optimization for Convertible and Non-Convertible

¦ IRR Analysis (Fees, Interest, Principal, Warrants, Payouts, Dividends and
Exit Valuation)


¦ Purchase Price Analysis (Enterprise & Equity Valuation)

¦ Market Multiple Valuation (Current Valuation Estimates)

¦ Transaction Multiple Valuation (Historical Valuation Estimates)

¦ Free Cash Flow Valuation (Exit Multiple & Perpetuity Growth Method)

¦ Net Asset & Book Valuation (Tangible Value and Liquidation Scenario)

¦ MarketCapitalizationRange (IPO Price and Current Market Valuation)

¦ Other Valuation Methodologies (15 Alternative Methods for Equity Valuation)

¦ Control Premium Determination and Break-Even Earnings & Ability-to-Pay Analysis

¦ Accretion/Dilution Analysis (PF Cash & Non-Cash Adjustments & Earnings Estimates)

¦ Ownership & Share Analysis (Common and Preferred, Basic and Fully-Diluted

¦ Equity Valuation & Pricing Matrix (Statistical Range also known as the “Football

GENERAL TOPICS (Financial Modeling)

¦ Financial Statement Analysis (10-K, 10-Q, Annual, Semiannual and Interim

¦ Statistical Analysis (LTM, LQA, Calendarized, Annualized and Projected Estimates)

¦ Ratio Analysis (Leverage, Coverage, Valuation and Performance Analysis)

¦ Operating Analysis (Growth, Margin, Multiple and Dollar Figure Analysis)

¦ Weighted Average Cost of Capital (Debt, Equity and Preferred Structures)

¦ Weighted Average Cost of Debt (Pre-Tax and After Tax Cost of Debt Calculation)

¦ Tax Analysis (Cash Taxes, Deferred Taxes, NOL Calculation & Deductible Expenses)

¦ Sensitivity & Case Scenario Analysis (Operating, Financial and Strategic

¦ Stub-Period Calculation (Partial Fiscal/Calendar Year Estimate of Financial

¦ Industry Drivers (Consumer, Transportation, Industrials, Utilities, Media
and Healthcare)

In order to unsubscribe to our general mailing list, simply send us an email
to: Please note that this email message has been
automatically generated, so please do not reply to the email same address that
originally delivered this message to your inbox, as your contact information
will not be removed. This special announcement has been brought to you by:

The Leading
Financial and Investment Training Firm in the World (Since 1998)


06 2012

Link Wheel Diagram

Link Wheel Diagram
website optimization
Image by LJInteractive
For SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and more importantly search engine ranking, using the link wheel method is a very powerful and most advanced way of achieving higher ranking.

A link wheel basically is a method where you create content and share it amongst new blogs/web pages using web 2.0 properties such as squidoo, blogger, hubpages and etc. Then, on each of these mini sites, you write one (or more) unique quality article that includes a link to your main website or blog and another link to one of the other new blogs you just built.

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06 2012

Affiliate Strategies for Traffic Generation and Monetization at Affiliate Summit West 2009

Affiliate Strategies for Traffic Generation and Monetization at Affiliate Summit West 2009
website optimization
Image by affiliatesummit
Session on Affiliate Strategies for Traffic Generation and Monetization at Affiliate Summit West 2009.

Andrew Wee, Founder, (Moderator)
Miles Baker, President,
Geordie Carswell, Founder, Diversion Marketing
Nick Koscianski, President,

Session description:

Affiliate marketers on popular issues like PPC and SEO optimization, content and website strategies, monetizing long-tail traffic and emailing. Moderated session, includes a Q&A with the audience.

Audio of the conference session available free at


06 2012

AdSense Optimization: Use Link Units on Pages with 3 AdSense for Content Units

Learn about link units and how they can help you earn more with AdSense.
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06 2012

SEO Tricks -Increasing traffic with Low competition keywords

Increasing Targeted Traffic on your website can never be this easy. This video shows you how to get more visitors on your website with low competition keywords. The competition formula uses inanchor intitle formula.
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06 2012

Website Workout: Colonial Candle

Learn how Colonial Candle, a 100 year old candle company, used Website Optimizer to boost their conversions by 20% and increase online sales.
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06 2012

Rank your website on google | get strong backlinks Ever wanted to be on page 1 of google and have more business than you ever had before. If your website is lower than page 3 of google it may as well not exsist. Do you want 100 visitors per day or just a hand full of visitors per week click the blue link to find out more
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06 2012

How to set the SEO for my website?

Question by : How to set the SEO for my website?
How do I add adjective describing my website for Search Engine Optimization ?

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Answer by MJ
I think you are talking about the meta title and meta description. These details are what search engines display in their search results. Take a look at this site for details:

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06 2012

SAP Education HANA Accelerated Learning Packages

Explore and analyze vast quantities of data from virtually any data source — at the speed of thought. You can work with information captured in real time, so that you’re constantly on top of changing business realities as events unfold. The SAP HANA platform gives you the power to instantly access and analyze transactional and analytical data. Dramatically improve your planning, forecasting, optimization, and processes while reducing TCO with less hardware, maintenance, and testing.


06 2012

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets    Watch Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens live stream, NFL, week 1, 11.09.2011  Live TV Streams Discussions