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Young Austin at McCabe’s Tavern by 720MEDIA web design in Colorado Springs

YOUNG AUSTIN and NO difference. Austin Young – Guitar, Vocals. Noah Mast – Bass, Vocals. Tim Young – Drums. Recorded by Taa Dixon from 720MEDIA on January 15, 2011. 720MEDIA designed the website for McCabe’s Tavern where the amazing Young Austin is playing in this video. 3 min into the video, he plays a guitar with a bottle of ketchup–nice! Catch him live–great show! Read about the web design here: Need help with web design, SEO, email marketing or social media promotion in Colorado Springs? Contact us:


12 2011

Website Silo Architecture Explained by SEO Design Solutions In this video professional SEO Jeff Smith explains Website Silo Architecture, sometimes called silo site architecture as used for SEO purposes. For more information on how to use automated software to accomplish this, please visit Theme Zoom.

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12 2011

Internet Marketing Website Design Tutorial

Your website should be more than a brochure. Proper Internet Marketing of your website requires the steady hand of a marketing consultant, SEO expert, copywriter, graphic artist, and website development expert. You may be able to accomplish all of these requirements yourself or through employees already on your payroll. But you may be surprised at how inexpensive it is to get expert help. This tutorial lays out the specific elements that every business website should achieve. Does Yours? Before you begin to make changes or start over, check out this video. Please visit our website at, our blog at http send emails to, follow on Twitter at Quixote7 or call and talk to Randy at 310-920-9649
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12 2011

How Smart Web Designers Screw Up Your SEO

“How Smart Web Designers Screw Up Your SEO” by Baron Turner Internet Marketing, Web Design, Programming, Search Engine Optimization, & SEO Articles brought to you by
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12 2011

The Internet – No Place For Dummies

A Complete Guide To Web Marketing and Creating An Online Business (The Internet - No Place For Dummies Book 2)

51CxRt75mnL. SL160  The Internet   No Place For Dummies “The Internet – No Place for Dummies” A Complete Guide To Web Marketing and Creating An Online Business - your complete guide to building a successful internet based company from the ground up.
As an Internet Marketers handbook this Kindle publication will provide you with all of the tools and resources you'll need to successfully create and market a profitable Internet Business.

The book is not written based on theory, it is written based on an actual business, conceived, developed and marketed to the point of generating over $1M in annual sales.

Everything you need is contained within this book, including -

Business basics - the steps required to build a REAL business on a solid foundation

Building your business website - an in-depth study of the various platforms for building your website and what you need to know to avoid some very costly mistakes.

Marketing your website - everything you need under one roof, including SEO, article marketing, link building, affiliate programs and much more.

We teach you the essentials of search engine marketing, how to avoid being penalized by Google and how to create multiple marketing campaigns on a limited budget. We walk you through adwords, adsense, webmaster tools, Google analytics and show you exactly what you need to do to maximize your opportunity for free Google web traffic. We round off the book with several case studies including a look at the author's own eTail operation and how he has helped to create a variety of profitable online companies.
You'll never need another Internet Marketing manual after you've read this one, and you'll keep it on hand for daily reference as you navigate the world of Internet Marketing.

Plus, it's bang up to date with Post Google Panda information to help you avoid crash and burn effects in search engine marketing. What is Google Panda? - if you don't know, you really need this book!

The author is a 14 year Internet veteran, graduate of Manchester School of Business, owner of a profitable web design, SEO and marketing company and owner of a very successful vitamin supplement business.

This book is a hands-on reference with all of the tools and links you'll need to build your business on a solid foundation. An Internet Marketers handbook, utilize this book to achieve a fast-track to Internet success.

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12 2011

Website Magazine May 2010 SEO in a Social Media World, Top 50 Resources for Design Inspiration, Google Analytics & Editorial Impact, Managing Website Redesigns, E-Commerce Software in Action, 5 Outdated SEO Tactics, The Cost of Hosting

Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web

Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web

51fl7RvuABL. SL160  Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web
  • Used Book in Good Condition
Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web is the first definitive search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting guide. It introduces new ways of looking at online content and provides key illustrations that show how copy influences search engine rankings and sales conversion in unique ways.

If you are a small to medium-sized business looking for a way to maximize online marketing activities, Content Rich will show you how it can be performed for a fraction of the traditional cost and in ways most companies never consider.

Content Rich also discusses the future of online content and examines ways to leverage the combined power of all types of web copy--including site, landing page, blog, article, email, newsletter, PPC ad, and press releases--to give your business a clear competitive advantage.

Overwhelmingly acclaimed by business leaders, Internet gurus, best selling marketing authors, top copywriters and the search marketing industry, Content Rich redefines the importance and use of copywriting for the web in a time of shrinking corporate budgets. Using simple examples, case studies and documented research, it gives you all the tools you need to start improving your online marketing efforts--today.

Praise for Content Rich:
'If you want to know the real secrets to online traffic and a non-stop turbo boost in sales, it's right here in this content-rich book. Packed with tips and techniques, insights and practical advice, this is one of those rare books that truly delivers. I loved it!' --Dr. Joe Vitale, author, Hypnotic Writing 'This book will help you make more sales and more money on the Internet than you ever thought possible!' --Brian Tracy, author, Getting Rich Your Own Way

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11 2011

Evaluating Website Performance!


11 2011

Flash Website SEO help …..?

Question by Tahir: Flash Website SEO help …..?
Need some extra good seo tips regarding our design on getting our flash website onto page1 of google:

Was interested to get feedback from a design perspective since it appears to me that only our Title is being picked up by crawlers.

We also have our old website version available on the server, but the home link is broken and says: The requested URL /index.htm was not found on this server.

Best answer:

Answer by zbdblues
Your home page on your old site is an index.html file, if you edit your about.htm page and add the ‘l’ to the end it will work. About SEO, well this is a complex subject and can be costly in time or money or both.
Looking at the source code of your old index.html site you don’t appear to have any keywords in there. Google metatag generator or creator, find a free on line generator and fill out the form then copy and past the result into your section.
Also, download this programme study the tutorial and optimise your site. Then create blogs with your link on them, use blogger or hub pages or something with it’s own source of traffic. Use twitter, use face book etc etc. You can download these books that i made available to another user as a guide (i’m beginnign to think i should turn that page into an seo page for myself now, i only put it up to help out another user but have now referred about 6 different people to it!) Also, with web ceo you get a free university course included with the free download!

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11 2011

I have a seo site.I want to do SEO projects(link building, website designing).How can i find projects online??

Question by manoranjan: I have a seo site.I want to do SEO projects(link building, website designing).How can i find projects online??
Iam providing link building services,web designing,development etc.

Best answer:

Answer by Coeur De Lion
Try out and craigslist; they are excellent sites for finding freelance work.

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11 2011

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