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Lyndsay Walker on SEO Design and Organic Site Structure

Lyndsay Walker speaks with WebmasterWorld video content producer Vanessa Zamora about the session she presented, “SEO Design and Organic Site Structure,” and some of the things she learned while at PubCon.


11 2011

What you can’t pay for in Google – Organic Results and SEO Find out what you can’t pay for in Google and how you can help your website appear there


11 2011

Free SEO Basics – What are Search Engines? What is SEO?

Free Seo Basics,What are Search Engines? What is Seo (Search Engine Optimization)? Basic information on How to use Serach Engines. What is SEO and Search Engine Pay Per Click (PPC) vs. Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


11 2011

Indus SEO Services: Free Unlimited Organic Search Engine Traffic – Are you ready to receive unlimited natural web traffic to your websites and totally explode your Online Earnings? If you have been struggling to get free traffic from search enigine results pages to your websites and blogs and look forward to totally explode your online traffic, Let Indus SEO show you how. Get ready to face a barrage of online traffic and have tons of hungry customers and buyers flooding to your blogs and Websites for FREE! Indus SEO will show you EVERYTHING you need to do to get highest rankings for your keywords and search engine traffic, plus leverage a multitude of traffic generating strategies that you neve thought were possible. http
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11 2011

What is Organic Seo?

Question by misti n: What is Organic Seo?

Best answer:

Answer by memetrader
If you look at the search results for any search with a search engine you will see that there are two sets of results. There is a main set down the middle of the page and then depending on the search engine there will be paid for advertisements down the side and/or along the top.

The main set are called organic because it is not possible to buy your way into them. The search engines simply display what they believe are the most relevant results for the search query.

Obviously there are commercial advantages to being near the top of the organic results and the process of optimizing your website to improve a websites position is called Organic SEO.

See here for a tutorial on the subject

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11 2011

can I use an invisible “skip to main content” link without impacting the seo of my webpage?

Question by Peter T: can I use an invisible “skip to main content” link without impacting the seo of my webpage?
wish to add an invisible “skip to main content” link to my webpage for the benefit of screen readers…will this impact organic seo of the web page if a tiny image or font size is used for the link?

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Answer by Martin
You’re thinking right in direction of the image to be used instead of a text link for screen readers. Even if you provide alt text for that image, it doesn’t really count towards SEO (at least not at Google’s), so I would suggest getting on with it.

The only way it can impact SEO is in this image position on your page.
If it’s at the very top (i.e. first link or one of the first links), Google will weight it more than the ones below it. So I wouldn’t put it on the website as the first link.

Hope this helps.

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10 2011

Organic SEO Ireland Video about Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO Presentation – The requirement and benefits of good quality search engine optimisation
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10 2011

Enabling Organic SEO Growth Through Giving Control Its really interesting, I just read an article where 92% of the respondents said they went online to research products and services before going to purchase them in person, thats 92% of people searching online for your brand. The biggest driver behind them being able to find this type of information is something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The biggest driver behind this is relevant and timely content creation. This enables your website to appear high on search rankings on, say Google. So you are on that first page, and when someone searches something relevant to your product or service, they are more likely to click on your business compared to one of your competitors. What Empowerkit enables them to do is not host that content only on their corporate website, but spread that content across their entire network or franchisee sites, who are then able to create relevant content effortlessly and easily, thus boost your SEO tremendously.John Rodgers Account DirectorAgain, the biggest driver of SEO getting you up higher on the search ranking when people are looking for your product or service on Google or Bing or another search engine is how frequent you are publishing contentby far, biggest driver of SEO.With Empowerkit you can do that across your entire network of sites, to increase SEO tremendously. Now the other thing that we can help with is developing a cohisive and comprehensive SEO strategy where were working with the franchisor and your


10 2011

SEO question what constitutes organic link building?

Question by nonphysical: SEO question what constitutes organic link building?
Is organic or natural link building contacting websites personally and sending individual and personalized emails? How does google recognize the difference between organic and generated? Does one take a slower amount of time. Do I get rewarded if I build my links slowly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Best answer:

Answer by rockislandgroup
We think that building links slowly is a good thing and you will get rewarded.

Yahoo puts more emphasis on links than google according to some sources.

Here is an article about links.

In search engine optimization, “off page” factors have become more and more important as they relate to rankings. In particular, solid link popularity can literally make or break a site with the search engines.

Before we go any further, what is “link popularity”? In very simplistic terms, link popularity refers to the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your site. These other sites consider your site important enough to link to. So, in the engine’s view, your site is considered important as well. What is meant by “link popularity” can get much more complex, which is discussed further in this article.

However, one of the most difficult areas of SEO is building link popularity. Why? Because the engines don’t want “artificially created” (or useless) links, so there are no easy ways to build link popularity. The days of link farms and huge link exchange programs are over. Try those strategies now and you can easily find yourself booted out of an engine.

Rather, the engines want links from authoritative sites, or links from sites that share the same focus as your site.

But besides the link popularity you gain by getting an authoritative site to link to you, you also gain additional visibility for your Web site. So, when working on building link popularity, don’t forget those two basic reasons for requesting links.

If you need help building link just contact us

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10 2011

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