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Local Search Marketing Firms Rankings for more leads & Hot Prospects Local Search Marketing is essential for the Growth of Small to Medium Sized Businesses in their very competitive niches Online & Offline. If you have a Local Search Business it is imperative that your a leveraging the power of the Internet to get the most amount of potential customers and leads to you. Whilst leveraging Social Media & Video Marketing you have the ability to position yourself in the Eye of the Storm & on the 1st Page of Google. As your customers are no longer searching through the Yellow Pages, Thomson Local, Metro newspaper or the magazines it is vital that you can be found within the mediums that they are leveraging such as YouTube, Myspace, Facebook & Twitter. Imagine your a potential customer looking for teeth whitening in their local town lets call it Bury. Even though Bury is in the major city of Manchester your customers will be searching directly like this Teeth Whitening Bury It would make sense for a Dentist to have multiple 1st Page Rankings all talking about his Dental Practice therefore he would become the #1 Dentist in that area. This is the same for Local Internet Business Marketing as your advertising needs to be targeted and effective. Remember Marketing is all about Branding, Positioning & Creativity therefore allow Capital-Visions to provide such innovation and brand equity for you. How to market your Local Search strategies are essential and your skills should constantly be updated because the market is
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10 2011

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10 2011

How To Choose or Evaluate An SEO Consultant Vendor – Law Firm Search Engine Optimization Evaluation

Dale Tincher discusses how to choose or evaluate a law firm search engine optimization consultant vendor, including evaluating the SEO vendor’s rankings, client work and organization.
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10 2011

Online Marketing Company in Thailand with SEO Expertise Thailand’s leading online marketing company with 11 years experience and offer services in SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Affiliate Marketing, Online Media Buy as well as Video Optimization and Viral Marketing Campaigns. Effective website promotion to increase your company’s traffic and sales comes down to experience and know-how. Check out our site http and contact us today to discuss how we can work in a long term successful relationship together.


09 2011

Web Design & Web development?

Question by sujit: Web Design & Web development?
We are a web design and development company ( provide wide range of services like Web Design, Web Development, Web Design & Development, Custom Website Design, Professional Web Development Company, Ecommerce Solutions, Web Marketing, Search Engine Promotion & Ranking (SEO), Offshore Outsourcing, Graphic designing, Templates, Template designing, Logo, corporate identity, Brochure, New letters, Web design company, web design firm, offshore web development company, Web design & development company in New Jersey, Website design New jersey, New Jersey Web design company. We invite to comment on our own website and help us improve. Pls also check our online portfolio

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Answer by Nitesh G
Your work is really cool!! Maybe I might contact you for some of my web projects. Keep up the good work guys!!!

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09 2011

Exploring SEO freelancing in UAE?

Question by tom: Exploring SEO freelancing in UAE?
I am a software engineer experienced in SEO, and I am living in Dubai now. I have been providing SEO services to internet marketers all over the world.

I would like to explore the options available in local SEO business.

I am willing to provide a service to firms in UAE which include a guaranteed 1st page placement in Google.

However, I would like to know if there is a good market in UAE for this.

Also, please suggest me ways to go forward with this.


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Answer by El Johnny

Yes, there is a very good market for SEO in UAE.

Refer these links for further interest:

All the very best for your career in SEO… 🙂

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09 2011

What is the best way to do SEO for your website online?

Question by JohnB: What is the best way to do SEO for your website online?
All these cruddy websites spam you with the fact that they supposedly have the “best capability to get you noticed online” or use CPC or CPM. Well, I don’t have an endless amount of moo-lah as most people can say about themselves as well. I don’t want to purchase any ILLEGAL boosting software that will hurt my ranking or get me banned from google. Does anyone know of a way to bump up your Google and Yahoo rankings? (since it is so hard to get your site noticed unless you are a huge firm, celebrity, or have tons of cash?)

I have tried: Good Keywords (used key word creation tools, didn’t work), twitter, facebook, myspace (back in the day), CPC or CPM (too expensive on a limited budget), google adwords, yahoo advertising, online classified ad’s, tried social bookmarking (, stumbleupon, folkd, etc.), Youtube (using good keywords/tags and putting it in a good category), Affiliate Marketing, and many more ways.

This would be for an online only service, not a local service or small business.

Is there really any way a person’s/people’s website can get noticed these days w/o putting much more into it than your Return on Investment will be worth?

(Any LEGAL software to use?)

I need help..I have a digital content download site and my monthly fees are accumulating faster than ever. They will cost so much more than my ROI on my downloads, sheesh, any ideas guys?

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Answer by Kevin King
Wow! Sounds like you’ve tried just about everything. But truth is that a lot of the methods that you mentioned do in fact work, but the results may not be immediate – and some may not work for you as well as others or not at all. It’s all about testing usually over a minimum 30 – 90 day period to really gauge results. One method that has stood the test of time as a great free advertising strategy is article marketing. Perhaps you should try that because we all know the Content is King! For best results submit a unique article to each directory. There are hundreds of article directories online.

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09 2011

Should I quit making my boss so much money and be a freelance web developer?

Question by herbertfilby: Should I quit making my boss so much money and be a freelance web developer?
I’m a web designer/developer for a small marketing firm run by a husband and wife. I’ve been here for almost 2 and a half years and the stress is starting to show in my work due to the large workload, my quality is suffering and I keep making little mistakes. I work an average of 9-10 hours per day (on salary, so I am forced to work longer hours with no overtime pay).

My boss and I are constantly arguing over what to send the client because they have very specific demands, which aren’t always for the best of marketing for them (ie. their ideas suck, and I have to do it regardless so they don’t complain, but then the campaign doesn’t return a lot of interested buyers so the clients b*tch at us for not doing a good job).

I make $ 28k per year, I create e-commerce sites, email newsletters, SEO updates, general web updates, print ads, and anything else we need to market the client electronically or in print. Statistically speaking, I should/could be making between $ 38k-55k for my experience and education.

I know that I bring in at least $ 18,000 per month for my boss (who owns a $ 300,000 house). If I went freelance, it would be hard finding the clients but the potential for making more money is greater. It’s ironic, because he actually had quit his old job to start an independent business for the same reason.

Should I just suck it up and keep this job, or should I give up that security blanket and try something while I’m young? (I’m 25 years old). He claims that if I stick with it, he’ll eventually give me the business when he retires… but I don’t think I want it. I can’t handle so many clients at once like he does… If I were freelance, if I could bring on 1-2 clients at $ 1500-3000 per month, I’d have a third of the headache for just as much money. Right now I’m juggling about 4-5 clients, as well as training a new girl they just hired.

Other factors to include:
– Having an office job for over two years, I’ve gained about 40 pounds. If I quit, I would have more time to focus on my health rather than working long hours and not having time to spend improving myself.
– I have a girlfriend 2.5 hours away that would just love it if I’d quit my job and find something closer to her.
– I currently live with my parents. I’m paying $ 100 a month to help dad out, so I’m saving about $ 500 a month in rent by staying with them… which I would give up if I quit and moved away.

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Answer by Loadnabox
Owning a business is very tough. The #1 issue you will face will be talking to the clients. This sounds sooo simple, but developing a working relationship takes a lot of face time and smiling pleasantries. IF you can do it, go for it, more power to you!

You could also start trying to peddle your abilities on the side to make money for yourself, but you would need to be careful not to get caught or you will have royally fudged yourself.

Running a business is harder than you think but well worth it if you can do it!

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09 2011

Check Up On Your Online Marketing Savvy – The Online Marketing Doctor Health consumers are taking to the Internet, social media, and mobile devices like never before. 80% of Internet users look for health information online. Are they finding you? Download the free 11-page paper today and learn: – The different ways people look for health information online (stats included). – Quantified results from 4 industry case studies. – Reasons why you might need an online marketing doctor. – What you should ask a prospective online marketing firm about its healthcare industry expertise. – What you should ask a prospective firm about costs, credentials, and results. Visit our landing page to find out more!
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09 2011

2nd Birth Day- GLOBOLSTAFF.COM- Leading SEO/ Internet Marketing / Outsourcing Firm in Asia.

08-06, 8 June comes again. It’s the date of the incorporation of Globol Staff (S) Pte LTd. Today we’re 2nd year. As usual we throw a party to welcome this special event. We’ve been active for this whole year, and looking forward to expanding more services in the next year. On behalf of the company, sincere gratitude and thanks to family and friends who’ve become our supporters all way along. Especially, not to forget, our dear clients too ! We are committed to building a community of outsourcing to achieve business success through connection and collaboration. Here’s to a successful 2010 and 3rd year in business.


09 2011

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