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(SEO) Can I just copy pictures from and use them on my website?

Question by Stella v: (SEO) Can I just copy pictures from and use them on my website?
Hello, I have a website and write about products from amazon. Can I just use their pictures and upload them to my web space as long as I mention “source:”?

Is there any copyright issue? If so, would it be enough to link the pics to amazon’s affiliate program? Can I use them then?
And how about, if I partake in the affiliate program and link the pics?

Best answer:

Answer by Husker Guy
There is a copyright issue and to use them you need to contact Amazon and ask for their permission. If they tell you yes they will tell you what recognition if any you need to give.

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08 2011

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08 2011

CAP Down Under ’08: Thursday’s SEO Panel, plus excerpt from Bruce Gow’s SEO Talk (Part 1 of 2)

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08 2011

Can you please tell me the benefits of joining affiliate programs?

Question by Tabitha: Can you please tell me the benefits of joining affiliate programs?
I have an online children’s consignment store. It is very new and I am looking to expand what I offer for sale. I am interested in joining some other companies affiliate programs, however I am not sure if they would help or hurt my own business. Can anyone give me some feedback and some of their own experience with affiliate partnerships? If I do join affiliate programs, does that help my SEO results or marketing?
AB Gnome – I don’t understand how I would get scammed or how my customers would get scammed? I am looking at putting a link to another company on my website, when my customers click on it they are re-directed to that site where they can order products if they choose. I’m looking at diaper junction. Please explain your answer a bit further. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by AB Gnome
The benefits are you get scammed and lose a lot of money with nothing to show for it!

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08 2011

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07 2011

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07 2011

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07 2011

How does affiliate network promote their program to more affiliates for the merchants?

Question by Tentpole: How does affiliate network promote their program to more affiliates for the merchants?
Recently, I’ve been confused by a question, I got a new job and now works as an Internet sales representative for a company that joined an affiliate network called RegNow. My question is, will this affiliate network promote their program to more affiliates for the merchants on it like my company? The reason why I asked is that, if they DO promote their program, then I don’t need to promote it myself, instead, i can concentrate on the seo task. Sorry, i enter into this industry for just a while, so my question may look like a bit ridiculous. Any extended answers will be highly appreciated. Cheers! 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Cre
I am not familiar with RegNow but the affiliate program I work most with does put it out there for the promoters to advertise. is the one I typically use, though there are several.
If you do go the route of having to do the SEO yourself I would highly recommend using Market Samurai’s tool that they are running a free trial for now. I have used them for years and can’t tell you how valuable they have been in helping me get several of my websites on the first page of google for several of my search phrases.
I will post their link below.

Good Luck.

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07 2011

SEO Affiliate – What is FTP Information

We need FTP or file transfer protocol information, in order to optimize each website. This enables us to log in to the website and upload / edit files. This short video explains the process.


07 2011

Question about CJ affiliate links?

Question by parlanchina: Question about CJ affiliate links?
I would like to add CJ affiliate links to my info site. I would like to create a whole new section on my site with info and links to this affiliate program (20 to 50 links on each page on the new section). I am using nofollow attribute but I am still concerned about the impact of the affiliate links on the SEO for my site. Has anyone done this and noticed a negative impact on SEO?

Best answer:

Answer by Nicholas Fish
Hi there Parlanchina,

With regards to google and affiliate websites they try and filter out these sites from top rankings on google, but let me make clear that these are sites which have no useful content at all and are just crammed with affiliate links. If you concentrate on building good quality content backed up with good quality backlinks to your site and provide the user with useful information that will draw them to your site, then you can start to add these links in.

I think 20% of your page has to be unique content, and 80% can be drawn in from feeds.

Try looking at this guide, I found it really helpful:

Follow this guide and then start thinking about adding those affiliate links are earn yourself some cash.

Hope this helps 🙂

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07 2011

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