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Horizon Marketing Group Partner Reseller Program

The Horizon Marketing Group Reseller Partner Program helps other agencies to cultivate client relationships through the delivery of value-added services. Our custom approach to this reseller program includes services that range from Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, ePR, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Design/Build (Application Development), and Lead Management.


08 2011

How to get more people to use the windows mobile software called ?

Question by Questionnning: How to get more people to use the windows mobile software called ?
What cost effective marketing strategies could you recommend to get people to use ?

The product web site is and here is a quick description.

Thank you for advice!

HubDog lets you aggregate Media, Podcast, Vidcast channels directly to your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Hubdog combines a streamlined RSS reader, podcast player, a unique search engine, and channels that can be shared among community members and synced with Internet Explorer and Firefox desktop web browsers.


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Answer by Who knows nothing.
Give away perks for using the software. Once they got hooked, you can start making money.

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08 2011

The search begins: Search Engine Optimization captures relevant consumers.(PLANNING GUIDE): An article from: Utah Business

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08 2011

Need to learn how to make a website and market it online… suggestions?

Question by Susan: Need to learn how to make a website and market it online… suggestions?
I run a small business and am in need of a more fully functioning website. We have a service style business (nothing will be actually sold online) and the website will be used for credibility and lead generation. I have extremely limited knowledge of web design and search engine marketing, but a great deal of work ethic and plenty of time to learn. What would be the best way to learn how to create a website (I have heard dreamweaver and photoshop are essentials… which would mean I need to learn HTML, CSS, and Java?) and learn how to do search engine marketing effectively for my local business? Any free options for learning would be great, but I am also willing to spend money on education and software (of course) if necessary. Thank you!!

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Answer by RJGoodhouse
Here is an Easy to use Website host for Dummies and not a bad price either:

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08 2011

Software Developers POV: What is better? Piracy or using the free competitor’s product…?

Question by K_Alejandro: Software Developers POV: What is better? Piracy or using the free competitor’s product…?
I got thinking about this hypothetical situation after I had a problem opening a document from a classmate.

I use Office 2003 and I have absolutely no interest in ‘upgrading’ to office 2007.

My reasons are: 1 – it costs money. 2 – it offers no additional features or services that have any interest whatsoever to me. 3 – it is a waste of extra space and system resources.

So there I am with a .docX file from office 2007… Funny thing, my PDA can open it without trouble in Textmaker, but I can’t do a damned thing with it on my computer without installing a compatibility pack from Microsoft. Of course Microsoft’s website won’t actually let you download that pack… the download page is broken, simply sending you to its internal search engine from the download page…

Now my solution is simple and I have already taken care of things (my PDA can open it and save as an Office 2003 in about 20 seconds – LUV WIFI)

BUT, I was thinking about what I would do without it…

Clearly MS would love for me to give them $ $ $ to upgrade to office 2007, but I would rather get testicular cancer than give $ $ $ for software I actively dislike.

So that leaves two Schroedinger’s cat type options – grab a pirated 2007 or go open source…

So now I started thinking from the Point of View of Microsoft.

if I were a software developer, if people are not willing to pay me for my software, what would I prefer?

Would I prefer that they pirate my software and use it that way or would I prefer that they use a free open source alternative?

What about you?

I can see two sides:
If they are using the pirated version, they will develop a familiarity and preference for your software. Perhaps later, they will decide that it actually is worth upgrading (confession – I have done this with both Photoshop and Vegas pro… $ 1600 dollars of income for Sony and Adobe resulting from 2 years of piracy that would never have happened if I had not been able to develop loyalty, familiarity and skill with those programs… I currently also teach those programs in university clubs and recommend them strongly – further potential and realized income for those companies)

On the other hand, If they use the Open source free version, this income will never be generated. The loss to the original companies will always be ‘perceived’ since there was never any chance that they would get any money for the same services offered by the software. Loyalty, familiarity and skill will be built up with the other program. Later, if that program decides to solicit cash (shareware type donations or by expanding to an ‘elite’ pay version), they are likely to get paying customers from the market segment of those who were not originally willing to pay YOU the software developer whose software the open source variant is copying…. What is even more curious about this is that users who choose this avenue of alternatives are generally more interested in using legitimate programs, hence when they do decide to put money into that type of software, they are more likely to pay than simply move to ‘the next version’ via a torrent or download.

I feel this is an interesting and possibly important question as it becomes easier and easier to get highly functional, virus free pirated software and illicit internet use becomes more and more accepted by the general populace (note the new features in the big 3 browsers with ‘incognito’ modes, presumably a nod towards porn and pirating websites).

Please note: This is not a question regarding piracy or recommending piracy. I am not asking for the POV of the consumer. It is asking the opinion of people who make and write (and market) software. This is not an ethics question.
to the last two “answers”…

I’m not looking at this from the point of view of a consumer, it was a consumer issue that got me thinking about how this issue might be viewed by SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS. IE: the other side of the fence.

In my case, the download page on MS’s site is or was broken for whatever reason and did not lead to a viable download, it was an endless circle. I can easily go to get the compatibility pack elsewhere too, but the point is that this lapse in service from MS when I was dealing with a time-sensitive document from across the other side of the world did not merit mucking about.

Further, this 2007 compatibility pack _should_ have been updated automatically with windows updates but again, for some reason it was not. This is a lapse of service on MS’s part and I cynically wondered if there might be a shadowy reason behind it.

I’m a photographer and I will occasionally give stuff away free if I feel it may lead to business later…

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Answer by Mercuri
Hmm… you bring up a valid point. In fact, this has been argued many times over. Often companies like to perceive piracy lost sales on a direct 1 to 1 ratio. For instance, if MS Office 2007 was pirated 200 times, they would claim that’s 200 lost sales. However, that is not the case. Of those 200 pirates, only a small fraction would have actually purchased the software of their own volition.

But there are advantages to software piracy, as you mentioned. Once you get used to the software and deem it worth the price tag, you purchase it, something that might have been totally out of the question prior to your piracy. However, it’s not like anyone here is not familiar with Microsoft Office, so I’m not sure this methodology works well for big mainstream software like Office.

Alternatively though, I might deem an Open Source alternative to be too lackluster and poorly developed and would opt to purchase the retail software instead.

So I think it depends on your perspective and a number of other factors. Certainly given the choice we would all choose to pirate all software and purchase only the software we like.

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08 2011

What is MTT software?

Question by shimmery: What is MTT software?
I was going to market my website with this site that guaranteed me traffic. They say that I dont have to pay anything until I see results. They guarantee me that I will make $ 100,000 in 4 months. The catch is that I will have to paid for a domain name and host for the MTT software they use to market websites site through search engines. What exactly is ‘MTT software domain and host’. I try looking it up but no sucess.

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Answer by woojy
software that is empty (M-T)

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08 2011

Internet Marketing Tutorial 1 – ShareCash And Software (Part 1)

This video is the first of many of my Internet Marketing tutorials (No, they won’t all revolve around Sharecash!). In this video I will teach you how to use software to make a nice profit on Sharecash. Please watch both parts of the tutorial. My future tutorials will cover more complicated subjects such as getting traffic, proper Youtube/Facebook/Twitter marketing, Search Engine Optimization and more. I would like to apologize once again for my headset as it is damaged.
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08 2011

Online Marketing System : Death Of The Yellow Pages!

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08 2011

WordPress Tutorial: How to add new link categories

This tutorial demonstrates how to add new link categories in WordPress 2.8 Make sure to watch in HD full screen for best quality. Brought to you by MateMedia – Your Partner on The Web – Join us on Facebook at http Join us on Twitter at MateMedia is Your Partner on The Web® for for web hosting, web design, web development, search engine optimization, domain name registration, website promotion, software development, software marketing, WordPress site design, WordPress theme design, WordPress plugin development, and consulting services.
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07 2011

Purdue Cytometry Mial List Why delete this e-mail and destroy Re: DNA analysis software?

Question by FLOW CYTOMETER: Purdue Cytometry Mial List Why delete this e-mail and destroy Re: DNA analysis software?
Purdue Cytometry Mailing List: Re: DNA analysis software
… J. Herbert > Technical Support Manager > Verity Software
House …
sender immediately by return e-mail, delete this e-mail and destroy
any copies. Any … – 8.6KB 70%
26 May 07
Find Similar





There are a whole list I Down loaded from the Verity Software House internal search engine. They have deleted these and most others but I have them all. Purdue Cytometry Mail List has lots they should have deleted..

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Answer by George Bush SUX ♥♥♥♥
I’d be very careful. This is a suspicious email.

My advice, delete it.

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07 2011

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