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SEO Is A Scam! The Internet is a scam! SEO is a scam! When all you really want is more customers and profits, skip SEO and go straight to Marketing to keep your Sales Funnel full.



06 2012

Local Business Internet Marketing Click to get started with an online career today! Local business internet marketing is a short video that I wanted to add to my youtube channel.This has a tip that is very valuable for your success. It was for me. I also provide a strategy you can use to begin to make money online. Please feel free to come and share your feedback!


06 2012

For those of you that have a home business what is your biggest challenge?

Question by Stephanie Sterling: For those of you that have a home business what is your biggest challenge?
Is your biggest challenge:

Finding New Customers?
Finding leads to build your business?
Internet Marketing?
Getting a high ranking in the search engines?
How to build a website?
How to follow up with your customers?
Finding the training and support to make your business grow?
How to develop a budget and/or a buisiness plan?
Organizing your workspace?
Managing your time?

If you don’t have a home business, but are looking for a home business, what is your greatest challenge here?

Finding a product and company that is legitmate?
Finding coaches and mentors?
How to research what is out there?
How to afford the start up cost?


Stephanie Sterling

Best answer:

Answer by Mohamed
How to develop a budget and/or a buisiness plan

Finding the training and support to make your business grow

These are my problems ….

*** im working in a tourism company as Tour Leader, i mean that i have no home business but i face these two problems …
do you have any solutions ?

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06 2012

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06 2012

Internet Website Marketing Ideas?

Question by Aqua Girl: Internet Website Marketing Ideas?
I own a small internet web maternity clothing shop. I get almost no business to it at all. I tried paying for advertising with search engines but I had too small a budget (spent $ 100 on 4 different engines/month). I also have the same items in a store on eBay. That’s where I make 99% of my money. However, with their recent announcements of fee increases, they should just change their name to FeeBay and their changes to the feedback policy that will not allow a seller to leave negative when warranted, I can no longer afford to do business on there. I spend about $ 500-$ 1,000 in eBay fees a month but I make about $ 4,000 a month. How can I shift some of this around to promote my website. I am on a very limited budget and have no idea how to get people to go to this website and buy. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by imisidro
Getting traffic is a combination of a lot of things. The key to success is to create great content that visitors want to use, search engines will love and other websites will naturally link to. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

You can use pay per click advertising in the search engines to reach audiences looking for your products. You can use Google Adwords or Yahoo

Here are some shoestring marketing ideas that can help you get the visitors you need at the least cost possible:

1. Create the best content you can with the best products you can possibly offer. Your content is your best advertisement – if visitors love your content, then they will go back and spread the word to others.

2. Make it easy for users to recommend your site. Viral marketing is very important — and easy to tap on the Web. But give your users the tools. Get a Recommend this Site script from websites such as and similar directories of scripts. Some even go as far as giving incentives to those who recommend the site to their friends. If only 10 people go to your site, but these 10 people invite 10 more – that’s additional traffic that you get for FREE!

Recommend Site Scripts (various)
Big Nose Bird Recommend this Site
CGI Resource Index

3. Rank well in the search engines (organic search results, not the pay per click). SEs can be a big source of traffic. The key is to create the best content in your niche. If you have good content, other websites will gladly link to you and offer your site as a resource to their audience. Check the on-page factors and be sure to get linked from authority sites in your topic area.

If you are going to read only one piece on search engine optimization, I suggest you read Brett Tabke of’s “Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone: 26 steps to 15k a day.”

4. Send out press releases. While outfits charge as much as $ 650 per release, there are free press release submission places on the Web. Press releases allow you to (a) attract media attention; (b) get more back links to your website without sending each website an email request; and (c) get more visibility especially if your press release gets in Google News or Yahoo News.

5. Submit articles. Write articles and submit them to websites accepting author submissions. You get exposure for your business; establishes you as an authority in your field, and allows you to get backlinks for your website. If 50 websites publish your article and it contains a link back to your website, then you easily get 50 links from a single article. The more links you have, the greater your chances for increasing your search engine rankings.

Here is a comprehensive list of where to submit your articles;_ylt=AhzreGmnCUicOoyedqypscUjzKIX?qid=1006022407481

6. Improve your conversion. Getting visitors is one thing; getting them to buy your products is a whole different story. Read the article ” How To Sell More on the Web: 30 Tips To Increase Conversion Rates For An Ecommerce Site ” for tips on how to improve your conversion rates.

7. Post a link to your site for free where it is allowed (always read the Terms of Use). Examples are:

Google Base
Classifieds for Free…
Text Link Exchange
Yahoo Classifieds
US Free Ads

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06 2012

Where can I find a training in online marketing?

Question by Mary Ann: Where can I find a training in online marketing?
I would like to learn how to advertise on the internet e.g. on search engines and with banners.

Best answer:

Answer by Exceptional Escapades
It is very smart that you are asking this question. I wanted to figure things out for myself and I wasted a lot of valuable time in doing so. I looked at several training programs ranging from free to around $ 10,000. The one I liked the best was one of the most inexpensive and it was Renegade University. They have step-by-step training tutorials in subjects like social marketing, traffic exchanges, ezine, google adwords, content sharing, articles, video sharing, blogging, and much, much, more. They really help you take out all of the guess work out of making money on the internet. You can even test drive Renegade University for free. Check it out.

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05 2012

What compensation should I ask for?

Question by cromartieINT31: What compensation should I ask for?

I am looking for a new job.
I have a master’s degree in Business (6years of college studies) and 2 years of work experience doing internet marketing.

I am looking for a new position (in search engine optimization which is internet marketing). I live in Los Angeles, CA. How much should I be asking for based on these factors. I typically ask for 45 000/year, but I’m wondering if that’s too little or too much.


Best answer:

Answer by Betsy
I think that’s too little. It is my understanding that California is an expensive place to live and that wages are, therefore, higher there. I would think you might be able to get $ 60,000.

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05 2012

I have $3,500 to invest but I’d like to get some ideas..?

Question by g26ts g: I have ,500 to invest but I’d like to get some ideas..?
I have $ 3,500 to invest but I’d like to get some ideas on what I can venture into.

What would you suggest short term (low and high risk)?
What would you suggest long term(low and high risk)?

I’ve been thinking of search engine marketing since computers and the internet is what I know but I don’t want to put all my eggs in this one basket. Please share your ideas with me. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by …
gold! you cannot go wrong with gold! since 2003 gold has gone up 500%! and with the way this economy is looking its gonna skyrocket even further! buy ounces of gold. it is a guaranteed safe bet. the only risk is if God himself comes down to earth and fixes the amercan economy in the blink of an eye. God works in seasons so i suggest you take advantage of this opportunity 😀

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05 2012

How is the best way to market on the internet?

Question by whitneysmother: How is the best way to market on the internet?
I have a small website that I would like to market so that I can get better search engine results.

Best answer:

Answer by bellandy
using bookmarking tools, article submitter and directory submitter are the best ways to market on the internet, they can help you save time and effort with the advantage of promoting your website to various social sites.

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05 2012

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05 2012

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