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Essential Tips On How To Become An SEO Expert

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03 2011

Is this a good SEO technique? List hundreds of cities in the US to capture long tail searches?

Question by Ryan Dick: Is this a good SEO technique? List hundreds of cities in the US to capture long tail searches?
I heard that Google will punish our site if it sees a list of 50+ cities on our website. Is this true? Can we include a laundry list of hundreds of cities in the US in efforts to capture more long tail searches? We offer our services nationwide and have noticed more and more people searching for “our service in atlanta” or “our service plano, tx” and landing on our site.

By the way, we provide sign spinners to apartment communities throughout the country:


Best answer:

Answer by James A
Short answer:

No, you will not be punished.

Slightly more detailed answer:

If you service a city, you have every right to list it on any or all of your websites pages. However, for every city you add to a webpage, the focus on your main keywords will lessen a tiny bit and you may have to add a bit more keyword rich content to restore the main focus of the page back to your main product keywords so your site does not appear to be too spammy by the search engine. Last year, I added a list of over 100 US and Canadian cities plus all 50 states to every page of a clients 500+page website. The company is based here in Illinois. In over a year they haven’t been punished at all.

You can see for yourself by doing a google search for the phrase “discount headstones Orlando FL” and see my clients website on the first page of the results given. To find out exactly what website belongs to my client, you will have to check out my portfolio on my website. Ok, ok, I’ll give you a hint. There website sells headstones in the USA. That should be a good enough clue, but I would appreciate the visit to my site though, lol

Happy holidays!

James Allen 🙂
My website:

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03 2011

SEO Tips You Should Know About To Increase Your Ranking On Search Engines

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03 2011

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03 2011

Can anyone recommend an Atlanta SEO company?

Question by Jonathon Hart: Can anyone recommend an Atlanta SEO company?
Have a small service based business that would benefit from a stronger web presence but not sure who to call.

Best answer:

Answer by Grover
Click Ready Marketing offers reasonable small business optimization rates and plans that should be all you need to increase leads and web positioning for keywords.

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03 2011

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03 2011

Essential Tips On How To Effectively Use Articles For SEO

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03 2011

Atlanta SEO services by 888-520-3621

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03 2011

Alta Language Services

Alta Language Services
atlanta seo services
Image by twotoneatl
I recently began an SEO internship at Alta.

ALTA provides professional language services, translation services, localization, language testing and language training.


03 2011

Vayu Media Boosts Internet Visibility

Vayu Media Boosts Internet Visibility
Atlanta, Ga. – March 9th, 2011 – It used to be that a business’s position on search engine results seemed like a random result of chance.

Jennifer Dunphy Featured SEO Expert Speaker At 2011 Digital Summit in Atlanta
Jennifer Dunphy VP Marketing of Atlanta SEO Company Vayu Media Will Be The Featured SEO Expert During The 2011 Digital Summit.
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Leading Virtual Assistant Company, now offers dedicated Virtual Assistant services to clients internationally. Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 5, 2011, a US-based Virtual Assistant Company has been serving clients internationally since its establishment in late 2006. Today, the full-service Virtual Assistant Company announces the expansion of its Virtual …
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03 2011

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