Business TV Stefan Tornquist – three secrets of web success

In this business tv show, expertStefan Tornquist, Research Director of Marketing Sherpa, reveals three things that a website must have if you want it to draw traffic, get that traffic to stick on the site, and make sales: “Well I think the advice that would apply to anyone, whether you’re selling to huge companies or to consumers is to really simplify your website. I think a lot of us come into the online world from a traditional background we want things to be beautiful, we want things to be exciting especially if we have a compelling brand that we sort of, shown through the website but the more research we do the more, well at least I’m convinced that complicity and ease of use are really, they’re not just the important thing online, they are the only thing and the more we do, the more we see that simple websites with clean text people can instantly access and where the message and the action and the product is very easy to find, very easy to buy those are the sights that do very well so that’s the first piece of advice. The second would be, clearly search has dramatically changed the way that all of use the web and marketers need to be highly conscious of that, we need to design our websites from the ground up to be friendly to the search engines because there’s nothing that pays better than a high natural search ranking. I’m sure all of you no but of course every website, every search website has a paid component and a natural component and that natural component is
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02 2013

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