Brian Fetherstonhaugh, CEO of Ogilvy, on selling search marketing to your CMO at SES San Jose 2009

Brian Fetherstonhaugh, Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy One, discusses with John Mulligan of SEO-PR how external marketing agencies and in-house marketers have to be their own advocates to sell a search program. Even though the search marketing industry is doing great, it will never fulfill its potential until search gets squarely on the agenda of Fortune 1000 CMO’s. Worldwide, there is only about 1000 CMO’s at the top companies that spend all the money and shape the marketing industry, but unfortunately search is not on appropriately featured on their agenda. While there are some CMO’s spending money on search, search is not their priority. Fetherstonhaugh believes that the industry needs to make search a priority in order to shape the future. Anybody in the company who is a enthusiast and a believer of search, no matter where they are on the corporate ladder, should speak the language of the CMO, enlightening them on the capabilities/profits search can bring to a company. This is done by looking a the whole customer journey, and establishing the crucial role search can play in the overall process.
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