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MemphisConnect Launch Party

MemphisConnect Launch Party
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Image by LunaWeb
Excitement and community building at the
MemphisConnect Launch Party

Photos by LunaWeb a Memphis web design company.


08 2011

From Concept To Community: How I Built An Online Community And Took It Viral In 25 Days With Little Money And No SEO

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08 2011

Google SEO Website Health Check Tool

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08 2011

How do you do competitive analysis in SEO market research? I’m using Market Samurai.?

Question by Bryan: How do you do competitive analysis in SEO market research? I’m using Market Samurai.?
My task is: COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Create a list of 50 competitors in this market
based on the Google AdWords advertisers for the top keywords — take 5
companies (unique web sites) from each of the Top 10 keyword phrases
by volume (without duplicates.) -I’m done with this. My problem is this one:

Include a breakdown of the products each are selling and the prices.

Is there an easier way to collect them? Or is it applicable using Market Samurai? Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Daffy C
I use a handy dandy competitive analysis tool called I hope this helps

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08 2011

Paid Search 101 rap

This time he raps about the basic steps of starting a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign. lyrics: you want to start SEM well heres what to do focus on a product and find a niche too you want to get the listing I’ll give you some assisting SEo & SEM, they are coexisting to cover all the bases you must have patience research all your keywords and your phrases they all sound good but they may not be a factor several ways to check and I prefer word tracker very vague phrases should get denied longtail keyphrases are more qualified check the cpc, that’s the cost per click make a judgement call, is is worth that hit if it is then keep it if its not then delete it stay within your budget, that’s not a big secret track your results, reporting is critical and set your goals right be Google analytical Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing if your business local make sure you geo targeting the user only clicks on what sounds best make sure you use very descriptive ad text its a must that you use correct landing pages if they see what they want, they easily persuaded when they convert that’s a win win when your site is bookmarked they’ll come back again cpc will go, ctr will skyrocket roi will get better, that’s more money in your pocket and if you smart, you’ll invest in more phrases but that’s up to you, I’m just giving you the basics you got it then fine, if you don’t hit rewind listen closely and play it back 1 more time that’s just the start anymore might cost I have to deal with
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08 2011

Website Design Company

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08 2011

Webit Expo&Conference 2010

Webit Expo&Conference 2010
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Image by New Media MK
The Biggest digital industry event in Central and Eastern Europe


08 2011

‘On Air’ Episode 10 Summary

‘On Air’ Episode 10 Summary
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Image by dramatomy
10 years ago. Jang was setting up for Oh what it would be to start in the entertainment business. It is his principle that he will not have anything to do with a minor. Jang poured out the wine and told that this was his favourite vintage. It was very nice to drink. When you first drink it, it was slightly bitter and depressing, as you allowed it to breathe, it will become sweet in your pallate

They went to the hotel suite, and Jang asked her whether it was a first time for her with a man in a hotel room having a drink. Jang was trying to portray a man with bad intentions to Oh.

"It takes a lifetime to wait for an opportunity of a chance, why not grab it?" recalled what her English tutor said.

(I wonder if this English tutor cum part-time model will be the newcomer for the main lead, since he can speak English. I will think that Oh will agree to have him on, since she is comfortable with him. Oh have shared heart feelings with him, eventually in the end of the drama, it likely seems so)

Oh was worried that she may not be able to act, as she had been hiding behind her PPL face for so long and dare not thread on unchartered waters. A remark by Kim (Chui Hyun Woo’s agent) to her that Jang will trade her in to him, which made her just a commodity.

Seo went to see Lee out of worry because he left the house in a haste and found out that problems arised with the film crew. Petty quarrels between Lee and Seo started flying again. Lee promise that he will not let her regret, just trust him this once and listen to him.

Oh called and asked to meet up with Seo. Seo was worried that Oh will the next in line to leave the drama. When Seo got there, Oh was already slightly tipsy and drunk, while gurgling down glasses of wine. Oh was on her third bottle of wine. Oh had a heart talk that she could not find anyone else to come except Seo. Her interpersonal skills with people must be awful. Oh asked Seo whether she have experience going to a hotel suite room with a man for a drink. Oh told her she did it once long time ago. Seo replied she had of course. Seo then asked whether Oh and Jang had a quarrel. Seo who couldn’t make head or tails on what Oh is saying. Then she found out that Oh wanted someone to hear her grief and it had nothing to do with rejecting the drama. Seo then gave Oh her two cents worth. "The biggest scandal for an artiste to have is her age." Oh asked Seo whether she was pathetic, in the sense she was never been an artiste with substance. Oh started to sob and apologised to Seo, which surprised Seo that Oh was willing to humble herself and told her the truth that indeed she is pathetic.

Lee received a call from Seo to asked for his help to take Oh home as it was not wise get any mode of public transport to sent her home. Seo couldn’t get hold of Jang. Lee agreed.

On the sidelines PD Yun is having her own personnal problems. A boyfriend who have no regards to her occupation as it doesn’t reap large monetary benefits. In the entertainment industries as in film, television and arts, it is not a occupation job but a vocation to the arts you love. Spending almost 24 hours on the job doesn’t leave you much time to have a social life. I remember having to do almost like grave yard shift and spending my slumber time at the office sofa in every chance of a 40 winks I could squeeze. But to feel the adrenalin rushing strive the addiction for that job.

Lee arrived to see a drunk Oh. Seo told him to take her home. Seo tried to wake up the drunken Oh, and in waking up, was surprised to see Lee. "Oh!! It is my chauffeur. You are here." Oh recalled to Seo on her escapade she had with Lee in Taiwan. Oh confessed each time she and Lee ever met will always stir trouble. Lee ordered Seo to finish with the script, much to Seo dismay.

Seo does have feelings for Lee.

At Oh’s home, Lee found difficulties in finding the bearings in her house. Remembered her house has divisions of partition in glass. It looked more like a car showroom than a house. After settling her down, Oh asked for water to clear her head from the alcohol effects and she played her audition tapes, where she couldn’t deliver her lines properly.

From what I can see from the audition tapings, that she did indeed audition for the movie version of the "Ticket to the Moon" and failed miserably at it. Oh thanked Lee for being a gentleman for bringing her home.

Jang come by to Oh’s house to see Lee leaving. Jang and Lee had some exchange of words on priorities. Jang recalled the conversation they had when they were jogging in Taiwan, that from that day she had never rested and persisted to pursue to her present status. Jang went to her to wipe her sweat, asked why she was disobedient treating like she was 10 years ago and told her he misses her very much

Oh have always had an unrequited love for Jang. Remembered she still kept the umbrella he gave her.

Lee at the studio station getting ready with the pre production of getting the location in. Seo stayed up to finish off the Episode 5 of the script and would deliver Episode 6 later. She was off when Lee came in with the set plans and location for Seo to have a look. Lee asked whether she got home safely. Seo answered in a single liner and vice versa asked whether Oh was sent home safely as she was very drunk and Lee answered with a simple "Yes". Lee saw Seo was setting out somewhere, he said he will wait for her. Seo replied that it would have to be tomorrow. Seo told that the Episode 5 was ready and Episode 6 will be delivered in the weekend. Lee asked who is she meeting. Seo told him that she need not report to him her whereabouts and activities. Seo was slightly jealous that Lee sent Oh alone to her house. Writer imagination running wild on that occasion.

Seo was having lunch with the Station Chief. Seo vented her frustration on the incompetent Studio chief. Chief call Seo’s fat lady agent for some damage control report. it looked like the fat lady and the studio chief has provide the comic relief with their relationship

Jang tried to call Oh but she wasn’t answering

At Jang’s office, the two employees was rehearsing the plague cards from the scenes "Love is…." (great show with great touch of British humour). They are trying to remember the dialogue when the english tutor came in and recited the remaining dialogue. He helped to tutor them in English. The English tutor, (he must have a name somewhere, or it is never mentioned previously) explain the scenario to them on how to act their emotion to the scene. The translation went all awry. The English tutor explained that being in front of the camera is very lonely. "All by yourself without anyone to help you. It is just you and your confidence." Jang overheard. The English tutor wanted to give some things to Oh as he was going back to the States next Wednesday. Jang asked him if he was an actor. English tutor said he was up till yesterday. The English tutor meet Oh in New York, didn’t realise Oh was so famous in Korea.

Jang called one of Oh’s assistant and found out that Oh was practising the piano as schedule. Jang asked the assistant to asked Oh to meet him at an advertising agency for the CF. Oh came and was surprise later when CEO Jin and Cherry appeared.

The advertising agency was glad that both actress were here as they were going to be casted in the same drama written by Seo. As the advertising agency personnel step out for a call. Oh and Jang asked what is going on. CEO Jin said it was his idea to have done this way. The concept was explained, Oh as her haughty self critized the concept of the storyboard of the CF. Oh rejected it down flat. Jang agreed that Oh has done the right thing towards her road to becoming a Korean artiste rather than a PPL celebrity. CEO Jin was left dry on this.

Jang then assured Oh that he will never trade her to anyone, and not to listen to any rumours that issue. She was to be assured.

At Seo’s office, discussion on the set location
Eun Young’s soap workshop – looked too bland and real, would like to have it more cuter and dreamy effect
Eun Sok’s apartment – looked like a rented apartment for parents with two kids rather than of a professional doctor

There is also some budget constraints, Lee made some suggestions and Seo agreed. Seo was letting off a cold front and everybody could feel it. Lee invited Seo for casting. Lee then left for a meeting. Seo’s PA was taking a liking to Assistant PD Choe. Seo asked if Lee had seen the script. Her PA said he had, and while Seo was browsing, she couldn’t find the pen marks on her script, but then realise he did a pen mark at the cover of the script. It means that he is total satisfy with the script

Lee approached a director who is now making a living selling fried chicken. Lee wanted him to return to be his 1st Assistant Director. There was an incident that happened that he is no longer in the field. Lee begged him to return for his experience, but got thrown out instead. It looked like the fried chicken shop have some renegade film crew running around

Jang went to look for details of the English tutor from his previous talent agency. It seem he was in Broadway before and is a qualify lawyer. It seem he was spotted by one of the talent ageny scout and asked him to come to Korea. Because of his mix blood, he could only limited to CF. What a considence!!!!. Isn’t he perfect for the main lead they are looking for. Whalla!!! Taaa Daaa!!!

Jang went to the airport to look for him. He looked at the Departure board to see that his flight was in "Boarding" status. We finally get to know that his name "Aden". With Jang’s broken English, he asked Aden to delay his departure for a month. He finally spoke in Korean

"If you believe what I say, and I don’t know if there is such a saying in America. In Korea, it is often said that there is a saying that every person is given three chances in his lifetime. I can grant you one of these chances. What will it be?"

Seo went to buy some drink and recalled the past when Jang come in to buy a carton of coffee. Then Jang came in and repeated the scene. A dejavu. Jang was surprised that she could remember it all this while and he should be grateful. Jang asked if there is any progress on the main lead. She is not optimistic and was going to attend a casting session. She still insisted on using A-Class actor.

Casting for the male lead.
Candidates doing various section of the script. They all look pathethic. They all looked as though they were auditioning for comedy gag. Everybody started to yawns as the day draws longer. Aden was the last to be casted.

Jang asked for the result. Lee thought that Aden will fit the role. But Seo still insisted that they should persuade Lee Seo Jin to do it. Seo said that Aden couldn’t manage his Korean dialogue. Jang insisted he can be coached. Jang told them that Aden is his artiste. Jang asked them to trust him, and asked her to return the favour of all the coffee he render to Seo. Both Seo and Lee were blank.

It looked like Song Chang Ui is shooting a CF with Oh. Taiwan location starts. Jang and Lee had a conflict while Seo and Oh are there to mediate this time.

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08 2011

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08 2011

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08 2011

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